Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hammering Silver is a Wonderful Stress Release

I first met my Designer friend's soon-to-be husband as a way to surprise her.  He sent me an email, and I'm still trying to remember exactly how he found me.  

He told me that she had lost a hoop from one of her favorite pair of earrings.  Any chance you can make a new pair?  I'm always game to try something new, and I had never "made" hoops --- up to this point. I had only bought and adorned them like the ones I made for a friend at work.  This is a tough look to pull off.  I often see people who think they rock the hoops like Beyonce, but really look much more like Joy, the trailer-trash character from the TV show My Name is Earl.   

I took a look at what eHow Style had to say about The Reason Women Wear Big Earrings and they say it's because of a bad hair day.  Most women have a day when their hair will not conform to a style. Instead of just pulling the hair sharply back into a pony tail or bun, they include big earrings as a way to more look feminine. The large earrings replace the hair and frame the face in a flattering way. 

I gave the hoops with coral to a friend at work who has beautiful, long black hair and can completely pull this off.  As can her daughter apparently since I was informed that she had the earrings less than 24-hours before her teenage daughter took possession.  

But I digress.  My Designer friend was looking to replace some simple hoops that she wore all the time, but with a very bad closure.  They were constantly falling off.  While her soon-to-be was trying awfully hard to explain what they looked like, I finally just asked that he take a picture and send it to me.  I could just make out the shape from the somewhat blurred picture of the remaining hoop.  

I did the obligatory trip to my favorite silver store in Manhattan, Metalliferous to find thick gauge silver (15g) to hammer.  I did my own version of hammered silver hoops, and I have to say was quite a good release after a frustrating day in the office.  Highly recommended.  

It drives my husband crazy when I break out the chasing hammer and block to create a silver hammered charm.  It is like an army of tiny little guys clinking away with their hammers. If you check out the other pieces I've done for her, you'll notice that this is the simplest jewelry I've made for her.  She loves to wear complicated jewelry and she can pull it off since she is tall, thin with beautiful long dark hair.  While these are not exactly the same earrings as the hoop she lost, they have a closure that will not fall off.  By all reports she loved them.  She did wear them quite a lot last Spring.  The beading forum I post and share with always seem to like the more adorned version of everything.  Simple patterns usually get boo-ed Beading Daily. Guess my, the beading crowd leans toward bling.  

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