Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inheritance: My Turkish Coral Project Continues

As a second installment to this story, my Turkish friend took one look at the first version of this necklace and with a  bit of a sigh said "I don't know, do you think this looks like me?" as she held it up against her shirt.  First version you can find here How I met my Turkish FriendI did know right away that I was in for a second version of this necklace.  In my defense, she was admiring a very similar necklace done in all pearls and so seemed somewhat logical to me that she'd like this style.  Silly me.  Now my other train friends and I just laugh and shake our heads because this is a very common theme with my Turkish friend.  

"Do you think you can just make this 1 inch shorter?"  "Could you change out the clasp?"  "I think the color should be more grey-blue - don't you?"  I've learned not to finish the project until she has a good look at it as I simply end up ripping it all out and re-stringing it. 

So if you read my last blog entry you know that she asked for me to rework the necklace to have just 3 simple strands.  I kept the bead variations within the same color tones.  The combination uses coral, orange agate, rust-colored jasper coins and carnelian (a very popular Indian stone seen throughout the inlays at the Taj Mahal). Check out this link to see just how beautiful the inlay is within the Taj, and how prevalent the carnelian orange color is throughout the patterns: Taj Mahal inlay work.  

The graduated necklace hangs down to her mid-section in an 'opera' style length. She had this one on the other day and she tells me that as she is sitting at her desk and someone at the office is admiring it, one of the strands slowly pulls apart and the beads pop off one, two three ....  My friend has a tendency to be rough on the jewelry.  One pair of earrings she was looking at she literally twisted off the charm on the earwire right in front of me.  I usually need to make sure I use some heavy-duty materials for the projects I make for her.  
So this one I restrung with a wire called 'fireline' something that is nearly indestructible.  But if it is possible, she'll find a way.  I may need to have yet a 5th go at this project!

At the end of this project, I still had quite a few of my friend's coral beads left over. So I created a bracelet with the same color pattern, but not too 'matchy-matchy' as she she said. She never wears the two together, but separately they really are very pretty. Beading Daily

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