Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weddings: Designer Preparations

So I'm just gearing up with a third post to my blog.  Still trying to decide exactly what my blog is about.  I think it is about jewelry since I'm clearly obsessed with it, but somehow it appears to also be about travel.  Is frequent train travel (aka commuting) travel?  It certainly feels like it when I spend 3+ hours a day doing it.  On the plus side, it gives you plenty of material to write about.  So thanks for reading and I'll try not to disappoint.

Let's talk a bit more about my Designer friend.  The one I mentioned in my first post who can pull off just about any outfit --- really.  Completely jealous.

Last Spring she was planning her wedding and she realized that I might indeed be able to make a custom necklace to fit the look she is going for.  I did say she can pull off anything .... and one would need this attribute for this particular piece.  So her description of what she wanted was a 3 tier necklace that hangs mid-length with varying sizes of pearls and plenty of bling.  Now when someone asks for bling you need to get specific with them because not all bling is created equally.  Are we talking Kardashian style?  or god help me .... Lady Gaga? or more subtle Cartier classic?  Her reply was "surprise me, I trust you" ... really? We just met, at least at this point in our friendship.

So I stopped at several of my favorite bead shops along the NYC-CT corridor and picked up a few items for several pearl variations, and then temporarily strung them.  I packed it up to show her on the train ride.  This is my usual 'office hours:' front of train, right-hand, 4-seater ... "one at a time please."  My train crowd is very active, and liberal with their comments about projects in the making.  Good thing I'm used to constructive suggestions --- and better to get the input for alterations addressed before I finish the project.  I brought in what I thought were 3 different versions on 3 strands for the "review committee." 

She took one look and said "this is perfect!"  I was confused.  Which one do you like?  She said all 3 of them. Ok, so which one do you want me to use as the pattern?  She said all of it ... um huh?  Wait, you want me to use all of this?  Are you sure?  I promise I tried to simplify the pattern and the use of bling ... my tendency is toward Cartier not Kardashian, but this seems to tilt the scales to the later --- at least in my opinion.  But who am I to judge, I'm just the Train Jeweler.  I merely create (and often restring until I get the green light).

She did look absolutely beautiful wearing this necklace with a very simple long off white strapless sheath.  I promise I'll be back with another blog on the wedding!  Beading Daily

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Hey, Train Jeweler! Love that title and I'm picturing the interested passengers and the back and forth.

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