Friday, January 13, 2012

ShopTalk: Chakra Relief With Agates

My Jackie O friend from the office asked if I'd design some jewelry to match the color of her eyes. The first item I made for her was a blue lace agate necklace. I did however, have a pair of earrings already done that I thought would also work for her.  An unusual lace agate stone with a beautiful rib cut (right).  She took these straight away while she waited for me to finish the necklace.  

Agate is a beautiful stone. It is creatively colored and striped by nature, and adds so much texture to jewelry.  This one is a cool grey wave, but I've worked with fiery orange and reds as well that have a warm glow to the stone.   

Energy: protective  
Magical Property: relieves insomnia and brings good dreams (place under pillow at night)
Chakras: agates can remove blockages from any chakra (who knew?)

Most of the agate I work with tends to be in the orange-brown color hues. The necklace shown (right) includes an orange-white tiger agate with a series of other natural stones to bring out the colors including; peach colored pearls, sandstone and coral seed beads.  I've used this tiger agate in a lot of projects including simple drop earrings which are easy wear for everyday.  

My niece asked me to repair some orange agate jewelry for her, which of course arrived in a ziplock bag (my repair projects always start this way!). She was wearing the pretty necklace at school, and a boy grabbed it and pulled.  Ah love at the age of 10.  Perhaps he had a chakra blockage that needed immediate attention.  

So I didn't have enough stones left for a necklace, and decided to create cluster earrings for her (lower left). She was quite happy with the change from necklace to earrings. And, according to her ... the bigger the earrings, the better. Not sure her mom agrees... I guess just as long as they aren't worn on the playground. 

I never get tired of agate. One of my favorites is a simple natural stone like the ones (right). I created wire wrap earrings on hoops, which I kept for myself.  The light catches these and brings out the warmth of the stone, which I absolutely love.  And a pretty way to find chakra relief.


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the cut on those blue lace agate stone beads. That rib cut is not easy to find. The cluster earrings are so gorgeous!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Many thanks! My niece has a very 'grown up' collection of earrings :)

Duni said...

These are all so pretty! Love the earrings in the first pic!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Many thanks!

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