Monday, April 30, 2012

Yin Yang: Soggy Weather

Just back from a lovely week in London and weekend in Brighton. It's a good thing that I like the rain.  I find it a guilt-free excuse to curl up by the fire with a book (or beads as is the case for me). 

I managed to snap this gorgeous picture at the beach; however, it proved to be simply a moment in time. We had just tucked in to a little beach cubby to grab a bite, and to shelter our lunch from the vulturous seagulls that dive bomb at sandwiches up and down the boardwalk. We were there less than 30 minutes when I noticed my friend start to scamper: packing up, grabbing her coat.  My view was still blue skies ahead, but I turned behind me and saw the wall of grey that was coming our way. Right. Duck and cover.

I spent most of my time in England dashing indoors out of the rain.  It went from rain, to pouring rain, to thunder and lightening to hail over the couple of days I was there.  Thank God for my husband who reminded me to slip an umbrella in the suitcase. Too bad the umbrella wasn't large enough to shelter the rolling suitcase as I dragged it through the streets of London!

I started my weekend by meeting an old friend in Victoria Station and heading down to her place in Brighton. That began our 24-hour whirlwind catch-up session.  We haven't seen each other in a year, and there was just so much to talk about. We did manage to get in a lot of shopping. Honestly, the rain gave us an excuse to shop. 

She brought me into COS a new shop that appears to be sweeping the nation in the UK.  I can see why.  Cute styles, great colors, nice fabric, reasonably priced ... we managed to try on half the store, and sit out yet another downpour.  By the time we emerged the sky was blue once again and we were off to the bead store to find colors that would bring out the blue in the dress she just picked up. 

We stopped in Kerrie Berrie beads and found the perfect combo of blues. She packed up enough for a necklace and earrings.
What fun to pick beads specifically for a new outfit.  I confess I've never done that before.  I finished up this matching pair of earrings and necklace yesterday. Off to the post to get these into the mail so she has her matching jewels for the new dress.

She sent me a note yesterday to tell me that the rain continues on her 'side of the pond.' I do find rain to be very yin-yang. It isn't as 'cozy' by the fire without the soft sound of rain outside, in my opinion.  When the dark skies of rain clear; the sky just never looks so blue. And every now and again you get a rainbow.  We did. Just as we emerged from Victoria station we caught a rare glimpse of a huge rainbow over London.  You can't have a rainbow without the rain. 


Duni said...

Sounds like you've had an amazing time despite the rain. I live in the wettest part of Germany, so yes, I know all about rain ;-)
Those earrings are so pretty - must have been great sourcing material in the bead shop!
have a lovely day!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Ha! yes, I love the rain. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent most of my childhood stomping about in the rain. The saying goes "if you wait for the rain to stop, you'll never get out of the house." And so it goes when you live in a rainy climate.

Anonymous said...

Your creations are amazing (as always :)). I wonder... these beads on earrings - is it porcelain? Looks alike.

AntiquityTravelers said...

hmmm, they do sort of look like porcelain. But they are just glass beads with a high gloss on them. At least that is my guess based on price. The link above is for the store where I picked them up.

BeadedTail said...

We get a lot of rain here in Oregon so I can understand! The beach is beautiful and so are those earrings!

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, beautiful earrings!!! I like this color!!!
( lot of rain too... here)
Have a good week!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

DeeBee L. said...

Brighton is one of my favourite destinations on the south coast, i love these tiny lane borfdered with antic shops, so picturesque!
On the other hand i am impressed that you managed to escape the rain! :)

Pipa said...

I love it!!


Estilo Hedónico said...

I love it!!


Ashley said...

England is gorgeous, I hope you had fun!



Southern (California) Belle

Miss Val's Creations said...

England and its infamous weather! I hope nothing in the luggage got wet. I have been twice but was lucky both times with only a couple of rainy raw days. It is such a beautiful country and London is so fantastic! Your creations are beautiful.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Ok, think I stand corrected! I do believe these are porcelain!

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