Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BTW: Playing with String

I have seen lots of tutorials lately for fun wrap, or slide bracelets. And as I looked through the patterns, it seemed like it should be pretty easy to make any one of of these styles. At least that is what I thought before I got started. As easy as it looks, I think it is going to take more practice before I really get the hang of it! 

I decided to give a couple of the patterns a try. I started with medium sized wooden beads. I like this pattern with the darker twine becoming part of the pattern itself. My tension needed practice, and so I decided that maybe I should try a slightly larger bead. I moved on to porcelain flat rounds. While I like the look of this, when it is lying flat, it is tricky to keep the beads flat when beading. This also can make the pattern uneven.

I did try various types of twine or thread ranging from stiff twine, to pliable cord to waxed beading thread. I think I prefer the later to work with, which is what I used on the final slide knot style. While I had more luck with this pattern, I will say I ripped out the slide knot at least 3-4 times before I felt like I understood how to make this closure. I used to do a lot of macrame when I was a kid, and this pattern reminds me of some of the classic knots and wraps. So that's what's on my beading table at the moment. Just some practice pieces. I'd love any tips or tricks from the 'stacked and wrapped' crowd out there!


Kashmira said...

You are a perfectionist, aren't you? I LOVED all of them!

I had made one of these...the sliding knot one from Erin Siegel's tutorial for the "wrapped-stacked" challenge. Never attempted any of these again, although I loved the one i made.

Of yours..i like the wooden one the best. Would it be ok for you to share the tutorial you used for it? I really like it!

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great to see your nices ideas!

BeadedTail said...

I've been seeing lots of tutorials out there too but haven't tried anything yet. I like all those designs though!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Cool designs! I love the look of the one with flat rounds. So unique!

Katherines Corner said...

wonderful! I'd like to learn how to make the sliding part of the bracelet to make it adjustable. I'd like to make one for my grandson :-) xo

mommysdream said...

Amazing pieces! My daughter and I took a class to learn this technique...discovered she's great at it and I'm going back to wire wrapping and beading!

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