Thursday, August 9, 2012

Celebrity Match Up: What Goes With Adele's Big Hair?

I was watching the Adele special several weeks ago and I remember thinking what is up with all the big hair? I flew to London in April and noticed that every stewardess on Virgin Atlantic had the same big hair. And once on the ground I saw quite a few people on the streets of London sporting this 'do.' It is so reminiscent of a '60s bouffant, I did a complete double take on the plane with a stewardess who looked exactly like my Aunt Betty in 1968.

Celebrities do seem to be showing up with this style, which I found in abundance at US Weekly online. And I have to admit the style really has a way of showing off jewelry, which of course I LOVE. So I went digging through the many earrings I've made over the last year or so to see... what would I pair up with these celebs and their 'hairdos?' Just to have a little fun.... you ready?

The first pair that came to mind is something with a shimmer ... it is all glam with these girls so you have to have a sparkly option. I grabbed a versatile pair that I made with Swarovski discs (pair #2). My Sister snagged this pair the last time I saw her. She said they are fun to wear to work, and then out for a drink with a girlfriend. So in that case, I suppose they could work with pretty much any one of these outfits. 

Next, I remember a pair I made for a girlfriend who loved the elegance of a simple aquamarine floret drop earring that has rhinestone flower posts (pair #1). She is tall, thin with beautiful long dark hair, and this pair looks stunning on her. Certainly this pair would have gone well with Katy Perry's outfit. Not quite so clunky as what she is wearing --- are those treble clefs?

Someone help me out here with who the first celebrity is? But anyway, this pretty little outfit is just crying out for earrings. Beautiful swoop to her hair (a ponytail bouffant), nice crew collar with a patterned fabric that would make any necklace fight with the outfit. But what about some feminine dangly earrings? I think the ice pink jadite drop earrings (pair # 5) would look fantastic with that shear patterned dress.

I can understand holding back on anything crazy with Emma Stone's dress, but the triple-pearl cluster (pair #3) would look fantastic with her dress and wouldn't fight with the pattern. It would also make more of a statement than the almost unnoticeable pearl posts she is wearing. Come on Emma, kick it up a little!

Okay, moving on to Busy Phillips' outfit. Now I think she's got on a good size earring with some swing to them, and the clear color doesn't fight with her outfit. So she gets an A+ for earring style. I would only offer an alternative. The amethyst drop earrings (pair #6) would look amazing with her outfit. The diamond cut of the stone makes them shine like, well ... two diamonds. They have a top drill, so they hang beautifully from the elongated wire.

Next let's check out Eva Longoria's necklace, which is gorgeous. And yes it draws your attention immediately to her cleavage. I guess if you looked like Eva you would too. But those earrings. Where are they? Her hair is sexy as always, but covers up any trace of earrings. Just a simple drop earring that peaks out from her hair would have done nicely with this outfit. Perhaps pair #1 or #2?

And lastly Adele. Is it just me, or is Adele not wearing any earrings? Why wear your hair up, on TV no less, and not grab at least a simple pair of earrings? She is looking pretty somber in her black shirt, but her hair is really quite pretty like that. Why not wear the whisky quartz drop earrings (pair #4)? They are still simple and just a tad elegant. Certainly better than no earrings at all!



Such a cute post! I myself love pair #1 :)

Marcela Gmd said...

Wonderful earrings!! and great ideas to diferent looks!
Have a lovely weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Miss Val's Creations said...

Long dangle earrings are the perfect complement to the big pulled up hairstyles! The first celebrity looks so familiar but it is not coming to me either!!! I am terrible with the younger actors and singers since I can't keep up!!! I love simple crystal earings like you are showing. They really can be worn with anything from jeans to weddng attire.

ambika anand said...

haha i love this! i LOVE big hair, and i think the show jersey shore totally ruined it for the rest of us :/ but adele wears it so well! dangly earrings are so perfect for the up-dos, too bad my ears cannot handle them :(

Classy~ said...

Wow! WOW! I love earrings number 4.. They are simply amazing!
I wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to win a pair of your one of a kind pieces of art! I'm so flattered that I get to have a pair of them! I won't take them off for at least a week! :) When I get them I'll make a post on my blog specially just for them!

Thank you once again! You are amazing and make such an extraordinary jewelry!

Best wishes and kisses

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