Monday, November 19, 2012

Give Away Winner :: Aotearoa

Our original Kalmbach giveaway took us a little longer than we expected. The necklace was set to go on display Oct 28th, yep that would be right as Hurricane Sandy was heading directly for us in CT. 

Thistle Beads needed to delay the giveaway until they were able to reopen the store in Niantic, CT.  Over the last week, quite a lot of people stopped by the store to sign up, and yesterday we did the drawing. Our winner is ... Carol Ann! 

We asked Carol Ann when she first started beading, and she joked saying "when I learned to talk!" Well alrighty then, we've got ourselves a beader here! She said it was probably closer to age 10, but she's never stopped. She currently teaches beading projects to her adult education students.

When we asked Carol Ann what keeps her beading? She said "to be a lifelong learner." What a great answer!. She said that loves the creativity she finds in the craft and that six people could get the exact same set of beads and each will create something different." Isn't that the truth! We've all see that through our bead soup projects and hops, and I agree that is what is so fun about these projects --- to see how everyone brings their own creativity to the bead table.

She also told us that her favorite stones are turquoise and amber, but she probably leans a bit more toward amber given her Lithuanian roots. Having been to the Baltics myself, I can tell you that the amber is stunning with such a range of colors from light greens and yellows to honey to burnt orange. I hope you enjoy the necklace Carol Ann, congratulations!


Duni said...

Congrats to Carol Ann! I aspire to be a lifelong learner too :)
have a lovely day,

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Congrats to Carol Ann! Sounds like you found the perfect winner!

Jacquelineand.... said...

Congratulations Carol Ann!

Christine Altmiller said...

Congrats to Carol Ann :-)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Congratulations to Carol Ann! Who better to win than someone who has been beading her entire life!

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