Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rocks :: Beads :: Leather

Rocks, beads and leather. What more could I ask for? I love the simplicity of this pattern, and the comfort of this one around the wrist. It is soft and fits like my old, worn in baseball mitt from childhood. 

I found a great video that walked through how to create this stacked, beaded bracelet that was very simple to follow. There is also this tutorial if you want to try larger size beads. They are both just an easy, soft weave that feels great on. 

My inspiration started with a rock that Christine gifted me. A beautiful, flat skipping stone that she drilled. I knew that I wanted to use it as a bracelet toggle, but I waited to find a pattern both fitting in style and substance. You can see it is not a petite rock, but it does make for a wonderful earthy, boho feel. I love this look.

I got to work with the tutorial using some very soft suede that slipped right through the drill holes and provided the edging to my bracelet. And then I just grabbed some cording and started stringing some size 6 seed beads. It reminds me of the field corn my mom always loved to put out with the Thanksgiving decorations. Something that reminded her of her childhood on a Nebraska farm.


  1. I absolutely love the shape of that stone. While I was looking at the pictures, before I actually read your post, something was nagging at me. Your bracelet reminded me of something. Then I read your post and you mentioned corn, *ding* the light went on. Earthy, warm, comforting yet pushing boundaries. Wonderful!

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    When I saw the stone I knew right away that it was one of our friend Christine's stone, I love what she does with natural stone. On that note, I love your down to earth bead wraped bracelet it is beautiful and does remind me of Indian corn. My Mom also grew up in Nebraska on a farm. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Very cool, Cynthia... I was surprised at the corn inspiration... who'd a thunk ;)

  4. I knew that was Christinne's stone, too! :). Love this bracelet, and the reference to corn! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What a wonderful piece! The colours are "yummy" :)

  6. When I think of Boho, I think carefree, interesting and artistic. You've combined all three just perfectly!

  7. What Karin said is so true and so your style!
    Corn ~ of course! How did I not see that Nebraska farm corn when I first saw it?!
    The suede is THE softest suede I have ever felt.
    I need to drill you more rocks ;-) This is really wonderful, earthy greatness!

  8. I love that! It does look like field corn but the rock reminded me of the beach. Love using that as the clasp!

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  10. What an exquisite piece! That rock is fabulous and looks like it would be fun as well as comfortable to have on your wrist. I like the natural-ish palette you chose to go with it. Dreamy.


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