Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In Memoriam :: Carrie Fisher

This is a blog post from 3 years ago that I'm reposting. I think Carrie would have enjoyed this one given her sense of humor. If you want a good laugh check out a recent interview with her and her dog Gary.

Christine's Rolling Blog Hop is, well... hopp'n! I posted two of my spools 2 weeks ago, and I was waiting for a lull to post my third spool reveal. But looks like I'm going to need to squeeze back in.

The posts are just roll'n in, and we've seen some fantastic designs! I have all the links to everyone's reveals so far at the end of this post so you can check them all out.    

For my third design, I was working with this large, more irregular shaped spool. I did struggle just a bit with it trying to figure out what direction I wanted the design of the spool to be until I remembered an image I saw of a young Native American girl. She had beautiful dark hair tied up on either side in what is called a "Squash Blossom" style. The hairstyle is a Hopi custom which represents the sign of a girl's marriageability. The young girl will twist her hair in the shape of squash blossoms, which is the sign of fertility for an unmarried girl in the tribe. 

I wanted natural colors and fibers in this piece, so I used a linen colored silk from Darn Good Yarn, a mix of seed beads, Czech beads and howlite. I am loving this howlite stone with native designs. It has subtle tan-cream veining throughout the stone, which gives it a natural look. I also stained the spool so it had a deep color. The focal is long (6 inches!) and has a good weight to it. I envision it being worn waist length.

Ok, I know this is an irreverent move on my part, but once I started putting this blog post together I simply could not get an image out of my head. Is it just me? or do those squash blossom twists remind you of Princess Leia in Star Wars... I always thought of her hair as more of a Danish pastry swirl, but maybe that is just the recollection from the Ross and Rachel scene in Friends. Once I started googling images, both the Native American girl and Princess Leia kept coming up together. It was all over for me; the image stuck. The one I can't get out of my head is Nicolas Cage dressed like Princess Leia ... that is one that cannot be unseen... Gah!

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  1. Carrie Fisher would definitely get a kick out of this! It is sad seeing someone who many of us grew up watching pass away. She was quite the funny lady! That Native American hairstyle is the perfect inspiration for the spool shape you worked with. I love how it came out. :)

  2. I'm so bummed she passed. I just saw her on a repeat of Big Bang Theory a couple weeks ago....she literally had a 2 second part but I was in stitches from it.

  3. She would've loved this! It's so sad she's gone too soon.

  4. I really need to catch up with this rockin', rollin', blog hoppin' thing ... looks like fun and I love your piece here!

    I do think the two hair creations are the same and, of course, think of the Friends/Danish thing ... maybe they wanted Princess Leia to announce her marriageability.

    I'll be checking out those links you shared ... great post!

  5. I remember this from when you originally posted it. What a perfect tribute to Princess Leia.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year. I hope you blog more in 2017!

  6. I remember this hop, I swear I do. I even still have both of the pieces I created. Yet, I just don't remember your Leia reference. How horrible is that?

    I am upset about Carrie as well as her mother. There's been so much grieving this year, both in the celebrities and even closer to home. I know lots of people are ready for 2016 to be over, as if a certain year can be to blame. But, despite my usual optimism, I worry about what we're rushing into for 2017. I do hope it is a much better year. I hope each year is better than the last.

    Here's wishing you a happy and wonderful new year!!

  7. I really do wish you had left out the Nicolas Cage photo.. .

    "Darling, where did we put the Mind Bleach?"

  8. I love how you incorporated the spool in the necklace - so unique! May she and her mother rest in peace...

  9. I love the spool design you came up with and the interesting history of the hairstyle. Touching tribute, too.

  10. Such a lovely tribute! Happy New Year to you.

  11. Wonderful post and great tribute! I love your necklace! I looked at Nicolas Cage dressed as Princess Leia! LOL! Happy New Year!! Wishing you many blessings for 2017!! Big Hugs!

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  13. Hi there. Speaking of Carrie Fisher, I just finished watching the HBO documentary "Bright Lights." If you are a fan, it's well worth watching. Love your spool design!

  14. Personally, I've always thought of Princess Leia's hair as two big cinnamon buns. I always figured she'd smell faintly of cinnamon too.

  15. Awww ~ how thoughtful to reach back and bring this post back as a tribute to Carrie Fisher...with all its beauty, history, and humor.


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