Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do Overs: Dreaming of Summer

I mentioned a few blogs back that my Designer friend had been flipping through a Sundance catalog on our daily 90 min commute into to work each morning.  She saw a multi-strand turquoise necklace that she LOVED and really wanted to bring with her on an upcoming trip to the Mediterranean.

I recently went looking for a picture from the catalog but it isn't listed anymore. I did find this bracelet (right) that is a very similar pattern.

The conversation about turquoise jewelry is really where it all began, and how I became known as the Train Jeweler for my morning train crowd.  I was sitting with a few of my friends, and my Designer friend says she LOVEs, loves loves the turquoise necklace, but "does it really cost that much to make this?"  And I say "ooooh it is really pretty, but noooo it shouldn't cost that much to make a necklace like that." Her reply "could you make it for me?"  And so it begins ... the personal jeweler of my train crowd taking custom orders.  Next?

I never make any piece exactly like the picture, which is exactly how I cook.  I usually have 3 or 4 open cookbooks on the counter while I 'doctor-up' my own version of a recipe.  I got to work on the necklace.  Her request was 'please lots of silver' and could you add some suede.  Suede?  hmm, never tried that before, but ok. This is the same friend who lost one of her favorite silver hoops and her soon-to-be husband texted me a picture of the remaining hoop and asked if I could make a new pair.  

My Designer friend said that she wanted the necklace to wear in the summer with her long, simple tank dresses. Operative word in that sentence would be simple.  Really, I should hope so.  Simple has got to be the name of the game given how much silver and turquoise went into this piece!  I don't think you could wear it with a pattern, at least I'm not brave enough to try it.  

She was looking specifically for a style she would wear on the beach somewhere in St Tropez. This train ride can get REALLY boring, and yes we fantasize about getting away ... often.  Especially now in the middle of winter when our train tends to break down from the frozen switches and we play duck, duck, goose with which car will have no heat.   

What resulted was a mix of multi-sized turquoise beads, types of silver (including hill tribe silver), hand-hammered silver connectors and knotted suede. She wore it all summer with her her simple long summer dresses, not in St Tropez but regularly on the train to NYC. She is tall and thin with beautiful long dark hair. The necklace really looked spectacular on her. I had so many turquoise beads left over that I ended up making a few extra pieces.

There was a matching pair of hoops, a cute little pair of drop earrings and also the fun bracelet (left) that I added in a few heshi shell beads and white amethyst.  I picked up the amethyst in India, but you can catch that story in an upcoming blog.  

I must caution ... don't try wearing any two pieces together! It could result in a carni-inspired, turquoise studded get up.  I loved the story that her soon-to-be told me later.  He had emailed me on the sly and asked if I'd not only create the turquoise necklace, but could I include the few extra pieces (hoops, bracelet ... basically the motherload of turquoise).  He gave it all to her on Mother's Day which she promptly put on.  ALL of it!  And he responded ... "um, honey ... you might want to try it one piece at a time."


Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful, I can picture the necklace being worn with a white tank top or white shift dress and you are right I would not wear all of that turquoise at one time.

Thea said...

The earrings! Love. Those would go with ANYTHING :-) They can even do plaid...

AntiquityTravelers said...

Thanks! And agree, I'm not brave enough to wear it with anything but a simple top/ dress and one piece at a time please!

AntiquityTravelers said...

ack! plaid :) you are brave my friend

Anonymous said...

The colours, turquoise beads remind me about summer... Only 6 more months :)

AntiquityTravelers said...

Indeed! but who's counting :)

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