Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BTW: Herringbone

I have been on a bead weaving kick lately. After joining the 'Time to Stitch' blog hop, I've been pushing myself to do more bead weaving, and one stitch that I've been avoiding is herringbone. I had tried it a few times, but couldn't quite get the hang of it. But this time around I pushed myself to just keep going, and found that this is actually a fun stitch once you get going. 

I got hung up on how to finish the bracelet. I wanted to use a ribbon clamp, but that is tricky with glass beads. While of course I tried it, I broke several beads in the process. Sigh. Right, rip out, restring a couple of rows, and start again. Yes, a clamp with glass beads is a bad idea.

I decided that perhaps if I stitched some suede at the end of each side of the bracelet it just might work with the crimps. Okay, now we're talking. But I didn't like how the thread stitching looked on the suede, and so I added florets of beads just at the edge.

The other hurdle I found was trying to keep the toggle short. Given the size of the crimps; I thought it would look too awkward with a large, or long toggle. I decided to create my own eye and hook closure. It was easy to make, and turned out to work quite well. So, that is what is on my bead table this week.



Wow, this looks very fiddly and time-consuming -- certainly an exercise in patience and perseverance! Good job :))

Sabrina Musco said...


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Christine Altmiller said...

you did it!!! and did it beautifully! YAY YOU!!! i like the alternating colors so you can really see the herringbone pattern.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Chris Ed said...

Lovely piece:D Thx so much for following back,
xx chris

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