Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BTW: The 'Just Right' Black Earrings

So my sister-in-law asked for a simple pair of black earrings for her birthday this year. But the most important part of any story about my sister-in-law is making sure you understand exactly what she's asked for. She is not one to hold punches. If she doesn't like something you can see it all over her face, and she'll be sure to throw in a few choice words. THE most difficult person in the family to shop for.

It's become a bit of a game with us in the family to see if we can 'get it right.' My poor mother-in-law has returned more items than I can count. But I've been batting 1000 lately. so I'm feeling like I'm on a role.

When she asked for black earrings, I thought 'ok, I got this.' How hard can that be? But before I could finish that thought, she added 'you know, not too fancy, just something simple, certainly not pearls, not too long ....' That's when you know you're in trouble; when she starts listing stuff. It becomes a bit 'Goldilocks' with a 'not too hard, not too soft' guessing game. 

At this point I had already set out a few items on the bead table ready to create. I had a pretty little pair of spinel briolettes. I really like this stone. It has such a beautiful hue to it; especially with the faceted cut. But I decided that these might be just a little too small, too shiny (aka fancy) and without a complete closure. She also loses earring backs as quickly as I give them to her. I was thinking about getting her just a box of earring backs for Christmas.

Ok so pair number two I decided on a nice tear drop onyx stone. I did a long double wrap over the top and included a straight (nothing fancy) leverback. Sans the need for earring backs. This pair seemed just right to me for everyday. But just to play it safe, I did make a third pair. I had been meaning to replace my own black pearls, so I thought if she doesn't like these then I've got my new pair. Two birds with one stone; wait that would be four stones. 

I gave them to her this past Saturday, and as expected, the onyx pair was exactly what she wanted. Whew, still batting 1000!


Kashmira said...

Whew! I was going to say...but the last ones are pearls!

Simple things are the hardest to design for me! Not a lot of room to play with.

Duni said...

I would love and appreciate any of your handmade gifts - they're all beautiful!!
I especially like earrings that have a snap closure like the 2nd and 3rd pairs above :)

Jacquelineand.... said...

I'm not picky, I love them all!

Marcela Gmd said...

Lovely earrings!!! you are an artist!!!
Have a nice day!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

LisaS said...

They all look beautiful! -Glad your sister in law was happy ;)

New End Studio said...

I know what you mean about losing the earring backs. I've bought those a few times, that's why leverbacks are one of my favorite styles. ;p

All 3 of these are pretty ♥

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are all beautiful! I am glad you picked the right one for your sister-in-law! LOL. I have to use leverbacks for my mom's earrings. Somehow she manages to lose traditional hooks from her ears!!!

Plami said...

these are so beautiful <3
I love the last pair so much!

Have a great weekend dear!


tappingflamingo said...

I love all of them, and figured your sister in law would like the middle pair. Glad you are still batting 1000!

Jenny Woolf said...

Yes the onyx is my favourite too.

Alicia said...

LOL - she's lucky to be your sister in law :) Oh, this was funny, thank you for the chuckle.

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