Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blogger Awards: Sunshine - Premio Colors - Appreciation

Yesterday I told you that Marcela of Fashionadictas gave me three lovely blogger appreciation awards. And today, I'm going to be telling you all a little about 7 other bloggers that have given me much encouragement, support and friendship in the blogosphere. And for that, I'd like to give them my appreciation and these awards. So without further ado, here are the bloggers that I would like to thank for their support.

I'm going to start with Kashmira who is one of my newest bloggy friends. I am so enjoying getting to know her! She is such a natural at making jewelry and seems to pick up new techniques, patterns and styles so easily. She's also not afraid to try something and to encourage others to do the same. I recently ran across a post from her where she was talking about how she started making jewelry. She explained how 'rough' her first attempts were. Her story was meant to encourage others to just get out there and try it. Not to worry about that early work because it gets better with time. Her post encouraged me to do the same. To tell my story of the early work. 

But her early work is behind her now. She is making gorgeous jewelry, and a style all its own. Check out her shop on Luulla. She was recently published in Stringing magazine for one of her earring designs. Congratulations my friend! It is a pleasure to give you these awards.

Therese is an amazing seed beader, and I just love to see what she's created. I met her through one of the many blog hops and instantly saw the warmth and  inspiration she gives to all the other beaders. So on top of all that talent, she is a voice of encouragement to all us other beaders out there --- always telling us to just give it a try. And that is exactly what she did this year for me! I have been afraid to try several bead weaving stitches, but through a little encouragement I did gave it a try. And so glad that I did! It wasn't that hard after all. Now, she and Christine have another bead weaving challenge coming up and I hope you all stop by either of their blogs to sign up for round 2 of Time to Stitch

Christine is also an amazing seed beader, and Therese's partner in crime. Christine was cheering me on as I tried herringbone for the first time. I ripped that pattern out at least 3-4 times before I actually finished it. Thank you Christine for the encouragement! Christine is one of those bloggers who just makes me smile when I get a message from her. She seems to take it all in stride, has a positive outlook on life and is just fun to blog and bead with. It is such a pleasure to give these awards to her!

You can find her creations on Etsy, and her summer adventures on her blog. It looks like they had a fantastic time this summer with plenty of fishing. Her daughter caught some 64 fish, and apparently kissed each one after she caught them -- there are pictures to prove it! Don't forget to stop by her blog and sign up for round 2 of Time to Stitch.

Janice is such a thoughtful, kind soul and so deserving of this collection of blogger awards! I always look forward to reading her blog, or getting a message on mine from her. She blogs about helping the environment, rethinking what is humane for animals and is regularly pulling together beautiful handmade items from all over the Etsy crowd. She has quite a collection that she has personally curated on Etsy! I love her eye for color, style and texture. She brings these items together so beautifully, which is such an encouraging way to reward all the handmade artists out there.

In addition, she creates an amazing line of handmade items for children. She makes child-safe toys, children’s clothing as well as all sorts of items for dolls houses (including the house itself!) You can see more of her items in her Etsy shop. She takes so much care with her items to ensure that they are safe for kids by avoiding choke-able items like buttons, and reinforcing seams. She makes them as though she were thinking about her own kids. She is one amazing person.

I'm trying to remember when I first met Gloria as it seems we've always been friends. She is just one of those positive forces in the blogosphere, and I'm so glad our paths crossed. We became fast friends over long discussions about our dogs, and have been chatting about all kinds of things ever since. 

Gloria has a wonderful blog showing her art, her jewelry, recipes and crafty ideas. You can find some of her crafty goodies on Storenvy. She has such a creative mind, as you can see in one of her posts she used Oz art on songbook pages to illustrate for a Wizard of Oz Blog Hop!

Alicia is one of those bloggers who is teaching and giving back to our beady community. I recently signed up for a pay it forward effort she's doing where she creates a special surprise and sends it out to you at an unspecified time so that it is a lovely surprise. Something to lift your spirits when you least expect it. So thoughtful!   

She has also recently opened up her new online shop through ArtFire to sell her beautiful line of jewelry inspired by nature. She uses lots of pearls and natural stones - materials that I just love. She also is incredible with wire wrapping. Not only does she make gorgeous pendants, but then she creates tutorials to help new, aspiring jewelry designers learn the craft. She is a such a positive spirit in our little beady world.

Val was one of the first bloggers to reach out and start following me, and I have found her bloggy friendship so encouraging and supportive. She has been a constant in my blogging experience, and a friendship that I have really enjoyed. Thank you for that Miss Val. It is a pleasure for me to give you these awards.

Val has a thriving line of jewelry that she sells on her own site and a top rated ebay shop. Lately, she has been very busy with the back to school crowd as one of her top sellers is a lariat that is perfect for teachers, librarians and well anyone with glasses who carry them around all day!

Val's blog chronicles her travels through New England (she has been to some wonderful places this summer) and her beautiful garden that she tends immaculately (I could use her help over at my place!). I love how Val photographs her adventures as though you are taking a walk with her through a town, a garden or along the shore. It's a wonderful, and beautiful escape. 

Each of these lovely ladies have agreed to help me co-host an award blog hop this Saturday (Sept 22). But before we give away another set of awards, please come back this week as I tell you a little bit more about these lovely ladies and why they began blogging, why they continue to blog and what inspires them. I have planned an entire week of interviews for you all to enjoy and get to know these bloggers better.

And then on Saturday (Sept 22) we will all be awarding a new set of bloggers with awards along with a blog link up. I hope you all get a chance to stop by and visit each of these wonderful blogs over the coming week! 


  1. I already follow Janice and love her blog as much as I do yours; I'm going to be checking the others out as well. Thanks so much for sharing the links!

  2. Thank you for placing me among your group of encouragers. C, I consider the time we've shared to be a blessing and appreciate the honor. Your friends might not be commuting on the train with you, but they also do wonderful work! G♥

  3. Well, I am certainly thrilled to be on your list, and that too on the top :) Thank you! Like you said in your previous post, this is special since it comes from a peer!

    Loved reading about the others, I already know Alicia and have been following Therese as well, so am familiar with them already. Christine's story about the 64 fish is so cute :) Bikibik and Roro had me at the name, so cute! Am off to check out Val and Gloria's blogworld!

    Thanks again!

  4. O my, how wonderful -- thank you SO much; I feel incredibly honoured! I know a couple of the very talented bloggers you've picked here; I'm now off to check out the others! Have a super lovely weekend, hugs :)

  5. Hi Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for including me in with all these wonderful and talented women. I follow all but two, but that is soon to be rectified. It is always a joy to come here and visit.

  6. Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for this!!! It means a lot to me, coming from you. Our paths crossed for the first time in the winter and little did I know we were not just ships that passed in the night. It is a great pleasure getting to know you a little more each week. I know 2 blogs on this list and am certainly going to look deeper into the rest. YaY us! And YaY YOU!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the feature! I love visting your blog too and reading about the challenges and triumphs of working with various materials! I look forward to reading all these features!

  8. This has been a fabulous series getting to know other blogs, congrats on the awards to all those selected.


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