Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blogger Award: Premio Dardos

The lovely Marcela at Fashion Adictas has given me a most wonderful award ... the Premio Dardos. Thank you Marcela! It means a lot to me that someone with so much talent and creativity has decided to share this with me. (That is, once I figured out the meaning of the award!)  

Ok, so my search did make me laugh just a bit because I have to tell you that Google translator makes me giggle at the nonsensical idioms. But I believe after translating some 30 or so blogs, I can give you a sense of what this award means. I can also tell you that it seems to have swept through Madrid and made it's way here. 

The award was created by the Spanish writer Alberto Zambade in 2008. It appears to be a journalistic award for bloggers. Zambade wanted to recognize those bloggers who write about everyday life, culture and art, and who do so on a personal level and with integrity. Now mind you, that isn't exactly how the translation goes, that is my interpretation.  If you want a flavor of the translations they go like this: "the award aims to recognize the values ​​of each blogger, for his commitment to the transmission of cultural, ethical, literary and personal. Expressing ultimately their creativity through their remaining living thought innate in his words."

The one translation I particularly enjoyed was that this award was created: "In an effort to promote brotherhood among bloggers, show affection and gratitude for adding value to the blogosphere" The following blogs do exactly that in my opinion.

So now the fun part. I get to give this out to other bloggers (the rules say up to 15 other blogs). But, I'm going to focus on a short list of some of my must stop places each week. The list is by no means exhaustive as I read quite a lot of blogs, but this handful of bloggers seem to really exemplify the meaning of the award to me. While I'm including a few links (of more serious discussions) all of these blogs also have a lighter side and most provide plenty of laughter in their posts.

Janice over at Bikbik and Roro has done many a blog that talks about today's issues, whether they be environmental or humane. She's also had the courage to do some pretty deep soul searching and to talk about it in a way that I would say has the utmost integrity. One of my favorite posts from Janice is one she wrote "On the Perception of Beauty."

Another regular blog for me is Martha at Plowing Through Life. She has a big heart for animal rights and has done quite a bit of work with animal shelters. 
She also recently wrote one of the most thought provoking posts on humanity and helping a neighbor in need called "Please Remember the Less Fortunate." 

A blog that I have been very impressed with is Amy of Copper Diem. She is continually thinking about other people, and how she can help in whatever way she can. She's organized and motivated many of us to come along with her and support causes like Ears to You and 7000 bracelets for Hope. In fact she did a whole blog post title "So how can I help?"

Here is a blog, Jacqueline at Cheapskate Blethering, that has just a general curiosity about life that never ends. Asking great questions, exploring different cultures or just enjoying the world around. A recent post is a wonderful remembrance of how our elders can play such an important part in our lives called "Time Goes Marching Ever On."

A blog that I have just really come to enjoy ... each and every post ... is Ana at Introverted Art. Here is a quote from a recent blog post that for me, sums up just why I love to read her blog: "I admit, without shame, I am one of those people who make new year resolutions. They are not about losing weight or exercising, but they are about what I want to become. My birthday is in January, so the new year has always represented a sort of rebirth to me."

The Zen of Motherhood is a blog that creates a lively forum of discussion ... but with less words and more telegraphic images. Like her recent post called "Bad Moon Rising" with subtitle "Happy Apocalypse!"

To all these wonderful bloggers, I wish you warm congratulations and a deep thank you for 'promoting the brotherhood among bloggers.'


  1. Thank you so much, you've no idea how much this award means to me...especially coming from you. I shall most certainly be posting about this on Friday! Many warm hugs!

  2. Congratulations, Cynthia! You so deserve this award! Thanks for the explanation :)
    have a terrific day!

    p.s. I've done my first BBA treasury this morning :)

  3. Dear friend, I'm glad you like this award!!! you totally deserve it!
    Wonderful post and congratulations to winners blogs!!!
    I love the change of blog!!
    Happy New Year, Cynthia!!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. Congrats on your award! And thanks for sharing this great group of bloggers with us too!

  5. Congrats on the award. I do Like Ana's blog. She makes "purdy" butterfly paintings. :))

  6. Thank you so much! What a wonderful honor!

  7. Congrats, Cynthia (well-deserved BTW), and thanks for the links to several blogs that are "new to me". I am going to single out Martha's, as (with my usual attachment to serendipity) she is not only a proud Canadian, but hails from Montreal and lives in Kingston, both cities I hold in my heart! I have done a quick sampling and I'm following already.

    I look forward to delving into your other award recipients. I've always loved Marcela's blog... such a cool concept!

    Love your new banner, Cynthia!

  8. Thank you so much for picking me! I'm so honored!

  9. Congratulations on your award and explanation of what it means too!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners!

  11. Congrats Cynthia! Your blog definitely seems to exemplify the description of the award. I already follow 3 of the ones you mentioned so I will be checking out the rest with my coffee in the morning :-)

  12. Congratulations! This sums up your blog so perfectly, I can't imagine a more appropriate recognition. Bravo!

  13. Congrats on your award! I'm so happy for you. I'm visiting from Thursday Favorite Things. Please feel free to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway.

  14. Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for choosing to share it with me!! I am honoured. I've been off the internet for a couple of days - we lost our connection - and I was completely out of touch with what's going on. We just got back on this afternoon and I discover this surprise waiting for me! Thank you!!!

  15. Google Translate is sometimes funny in the words it chooses, lol.

    Congrats and kudos to you and your awardees ♥

  16. OMG, I just now had the opportunity to come here and read this. I feel humbled in so many ways I can't tell you.

  17. O my gosh, how wonderful -- congratulations, and thank you so much!!! What a surprise, I feel so honoured. Thank you dear Cynthia -- happy, blessed new year, and big hug :)

  18. Congratulations! How wonderful is that?! Well deserved as I'm learning. : )


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