Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blogger Award Feature: All The Pretty Things

Alicia has been blogging for over five years; a real veteran in Blogland. The blog where I first met Alicia, All the Pretty Things, is one she's been writing for almost a year now. 

Alicia says that she started blogging because "it's the perfect tool to interact with people; with your customers." She says "it's easy to let your customers know what kind of a person and artist you are and that makes for a more personal relationship." She uses Artfire for her shop which allows her to include a blog to give more background on who she is as an artist. And on several of her designs she includes the story and inspiration behind the piece. As an example, here is an excerpt from her piece Infinity is:

Faith is the subtle chain which binds us to the infinite. ~ Elizabeth O. Smith  Both my parents are teachers - one of math, the other of physics. Which means that I am a very logical, precise and mathematical person, of course. As an artist I have a special relationship with the circle: the perfect shape, the shape with largest area for the same perimeter, the never-ending shape... and so on. Not long ago I came upon 3 different sizes of silver plated rings and I knew I had to have them. Getting home, I tried different ideas until I paired them with some fresh-water pearls, very close to the perfect spherical shape... That's how the 'Infinity' set was born.

Alicia tells me that she continues to blog because she loves the interaction with people "plus I really love expressing myself," she says. She expresses herself through a number of ways, whether that be the jewelry she designs or the blog articles she writes and the tutorials she provides. 

Her husband, on the other hand, says that this is not entirely accurate. She says that, according to her husband "the truth is that I can be very chatty."  Oh well, can't we all out there in the blogosphere! 

Alicia has a pretty extensive list of blogs she likes to follow. She says her list to read grows every day as "I virtually meet new artists, new people, I want to read more and more."  As for which ones are her favorites, well we'll all need to wait until this upcoming Saturday (Sep 22) for her reveal of the bloggers she's picked to give awards.

This post is part of a series of featured bloggers who I have given appreciation awards to, please stop by and visit Alicia's blog and congratulate her!


  1. Alicia's work is lovely, and her blog is so interesting -- thank you for introducing her! P.S. do drop by my blog today for a little surprise for you! Have a super lovely day :)

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I love visiting Alicia's blog it is alway full of interesting facts and eye candy. She has also become a friend too.

  3. I have really enjoyed Alicia's blog for a while now. It was one of the ones I really missed in the summer when I went on Blog Hiatus. Now that I am back to reading it again, I realize How Much I missed hers :-)

  4. Her work is beautiful! I agree with her reasons for blogging! Thanks for introducing her to us!

  5. I love her blog, too! Good choice to receive your award!

  6. Hello Alicia, so nice to meet you on this week long series- Congrats ♥

  7. I agree with Alicia about blogging is being the perfect way to interact with customers. It is perfect for expressing ourselves through photos and text!


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