Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blogger Award Feature: One Kiss Creations

Christine really began blogging in earnest about 2 years ago, and what really propelled her to get serious about blogland was an event called 7000 Bracelets for Hope. An incredibly worthy effort to help bring a little smile to the mother caring for a child with a rare disease. It is part of the Global Genes Project, which is a community representing the many rare diseases globally. They say that collectively, the group is larger than the AIDS and Cancer communities combined, but despite its size the community lacks a unified voice. Only 15% of rare diseases have organizations or foundations providing support, or research. They also estimate that 95% of all rare diseases do not have a single FDA approved drug treatment, and there are currently less than 400 treatments approved by the FDA for the nearly 7000 rare diseases that have been identified. 

Christine said that she had "flirted with the idea of blogging for about a year." But when she saw the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop, she says "I just did it" and that is when One Kiss Creations took off for her.

She says that she continues to blog because of the people. "I love the people I have come to know in the blogging world," she says. "They are creative and funny and generous with their time and knowledge." One of the things she says she loves most about blogging is the "personal connections I have made." "There are so many blogs out there, yet I seem to come across just the right ones for my interests and comfort."

She tells me that when she reads blogs, or writes her own, that she sits back with a cup of coffee (and perhaps a little dark chocolate) and invites people into her world, or she goes visiting by reading other people's blogs. She notes, "I make an event out of it," and she adds "what a sweet way to spend small pockets of time!" 

Christine says that there are several blogs that inspire her, and that it is hard to choose just one. But she does note that Windrock Studio is a favorite. She met the author, Susan, during the first 7000 Bracelets for Hope hop back in 2011. She says Susan's blog is mostly photos of her surroundings, and some of her wall hangings and purses. She raves "they are divine! I instantly felt like Windrock was the place for me." I can just picture her curled up in a favorite chair with her coffee and chocolate perusing the blog. She says that "Susan has a great warmth and way of speaking volumes with very few words."

Another blog that Christine connects with is Erin's at Elysian Studios. She says that she is a constant inspiration to her, and that "she excels in so many mediums --- painting, jewelry, textiles, photography." She says, "she is a font of information and a person I greatly admire. She is confident and professional and organized." She notes, she is "just a goodhearted person."

One last one she mentioned is called Cabin Porn (not an adult site - I promise!). It is simply a scroll of pictures of cabins in gorgeous outdoor settings. From Canada and Iceland to Colorado and Vermont ... it truly is a chronicle of beautiful off-the-beaten-path locations. It is now one of my newest blogs that I'm following! It made me laugh as my husband always calls my bead books my 'jewelry porn,' which of course he's right. I guess I'll have to add cabin porn to my list of guilty pleasures as well.

This post is part of a series of featured bloggers who I have given appreciation awards to, please stop by and visit Christine's blog and congratulate her!


  1. Hello Christine, reading how you jumped right in, has brightened my morning. (A Jersey Girl with Big Heart.) Congrats and it's great to meet you. ♥

  2. Cynthia, Thank You so much for this :-D Big smile, Big mug of coffee! I think I will celebrate with Chocolate! You are always a big support and have been since the 7K Bracelets Hop...I am so fortunate to have met you then. You were a keeper from the first time we crossed paths! Thank you :-D ( i have perma-grin today!)

  3. The recognition is so well deserved my friend! I have been more than happy to do this for you ... absolutely a chocolate occasion :D

  4. Great post on a dear friend Cynthia, I just learned a few new things about Christine.

  5. What a great cause and motivation to start blogging!
    I've also met so many interesting people through blogging :)
    Off to check out the other blogs!

  6. Great read! I love how an amazing cause got Christine into blogging! Reading blogs has always been inspiring for me whether it is cooking, crafting, or just needing an uplifting feeling!

  7. We are still waiting to hear from genetics testing on our 18 month old grandson who has several issues. It's not CP and the only thing they can say now is developmental delays and low muscle tone. The therapists and doctors say there may never be a definitive diagnosis. He doesn't sit up yet. Well, thanks for doing a good job and helping mankind. Best wishes, Linda

  8. Christine sounds like an amazing woman! I love reading your features about other bloggers and finding new reads :)



    Southern (California) Belle

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  9. Wow, she sounds just amazing! Love finding new reads.

  10. I'm already a follower of Christine's lovely blog -- she does amazing work! Thank you so much again for introducing us to these wonderful artists -- so much beauty and inspiration :)

  11. I, too, ama Christine blog-follower. I first found her through the 7000 Bracelets of Hope campaign and have since donated many bracelets myself! She is an inspiration!

  12. Oh indeed you have Patti! For those that don't know ... for Patti ... "some" bracelets = 70 !!! She has been so incredibly generous! you kind, kind soul :)

  13. great post and introduction. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop . BIG hugs!!!


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